The Last Deadline

What others say:

"What a surprise to find such complex and engaging writing from this new author. Strong plot with well-woven emotional, visual, and relational aspects that impact the reader immediately, and never let up.

I can recommend this book as one that is fresh, strong, insightful."

"If you like psychological thrillers you will love this book. Halliday builds this plot carefully, getting into the heads of his characters. The people are people we think we know but you just don't know who is going to survive at the end."

"Make no mistake, The Last Deadline is a literary novel ... a serious work by a serious writer ... a bildungsroman about a smart man who married an even smarter woman.

There are really only three characters in the book. Phil O'Brien. His wife, Marina. And his young lover, Valery, a grad student at the university.

All three of them want different things in their lives. Actually, all three of them want different lives. It is Valery, whose adult life is just beginning, who gets sucked into their dysfunctional world . . . The Last Deadline should be on every reader's best buy list."

Steve Thayer, New York Times Best-Selling author


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